Buying More Shares

Also known as Staircasing, you can buy more of the property at any time after the first year of ownership

buying more shared of my shared ownership house with emh

Shared owners can buy more shares of their home from emh, known as staircasing.

If your lease permits, you can eventually buy up to 100% and own your home outright. Buyers of resale properties, however, may purchase further shares after the first three months of ownership.

How does it work?

If you decide to staircase, please contact us for an application pack straight away.

  1. We will ask you to obtain a valuation of your property, to be carried out by a RICS certified valuer. You will need to cover the cost of the valuation and send us a copy of the report.
  2. Once the valuation has been received we will write to you with an offer of what you will need to pay for your further shares.
  3. Once you agree to the offer you will need to appoint a solicitor to work on your behalf throughout the staircasing legal process. The transaction must be completed within three months of the valuation date.
  4. Once the legal work is finalised, we will agree a completion date with you and our records will be updated with your new level of ownership.

For more information, please contact us e: / t:0300 123 0918.