What Is New Model Shared Ownership?

Shared Ownership is designed to enable people to buy a home when they are unable to afford to buy on the open market.

This information is only for those that purchase a home built through the New Model for Shared Ownership or for those who are Rent to Buy (RTB) or Right to Shared Ownership (RTSO) tenants converting to Shared Ownership.

How Does New Model Shared Ownership Work?

·         You can buy between 10%-75% of a new build Shared Ownership home.

·         All new leases on new build Shared Ownership homes will have a minimum lease length term of 990 years.

·         Staircasing tranches reduced from 10% to 5%.

·         You will have the option to buy 1% each year for 15 years with heavily reduced fees.

·         Both emh and you will each remain responsible for your own legal fees if you choose to get legal advice/representation. We would encourage any shared owner looking to gradual staircase to seek legal advice, as it is a legal transaction.

Initial Purchase

The share you purchase is determined by an affordability assessment, taking into consideration the property price, your income and any monthly outgoings.

Generally, our new developments are advertised from 40%, however under the New Model for Shared Ownership, shared ownership properties can be purchased from as little as 10% but this can vary by development.

Please ask us for further details.

Key Information Documents

Emh will produce easy to read, key information documents prior to a sale that will highlight key responsibilities, processes and costs:


  1. Key information about the home
  2. Summary of costs
  3. Key information about shared ownership


These will be issued to you at an early stage during the sale process to allow you to make an informed decision.

It is important that you are aware of the responsibilities associated with becoming a shared owner and have a good understanding of both the initial and ongoing costs of managing a Shared Ownership home.

What Next?

Search for a property using our Property Search tool to view all our available properties. Full details of what is included is contained within each listing.